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fine, handmade ceramic porcelain & stoneware pottery dishes, tableware, plant pots  

It was love at first touch for clay and me. My first experience with the ceramic material was in a high school art class. The football coach-cum-art teacher handed a few of us a bag of stoneware, a book on the subject, and allowed us to experiment without instruction. I didn’t forget the encounter and soon after landing post-college I enrolled in my first pottery class on New York's Upper West Side. The teacher started me off pinching a small pot. Between my thumb and fingers the clay felt deliciously familiar as I worked it from moist round ball into a useful and beautiful glazed fired ware. I've taught handbuilding to adults and children for years in NYC and now work and teach ceramics out of my Yonkers studio.

I pinch ceramic forms, the most rudimentary way of moving clay, and often alter and augment these forms to create larger and more complex shapes for home, yard and garden. I also work small-scale, making unique jewelry, and component beads, pendants and findings.